Get off the couch, gather up the family, and go explore the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. One of the many exciting institutions that makes up the city’s museum campus, the Field Museum offers great attractions for families and school groups. Here are some interesting exhibitions everyone should see.


Here Are The Top Ten To See At The Field Museum


#1 Sue the T. Rex
The largest, most complete, and best preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil ever discovered is permanently on display for intrepid adventurers to see. You’ll also want to view the other fossils in Dinosaur Hall. Grab a copy of Steve Fiffer’s book Tyrannosaurus Sue to get the inside scoop on the discovery of this monstrous fossil and the larger-than-life dinosaur hunters that define this field.

#2 Inside Ancient Egypt
The Field Museum has one of the largest collections of mummies in the United States. Visitors can explore a three-story mastaba, a type of Egyptian tomb. It features two full rooms from an authentic 5,000-year-old tomb of pharaoh’s son Unis-Ankh.

#3 Underground Adventure
Museum-goers magically shrink to 1/100th of a person’s actual size to get a bug’s eye view of critters on this planet. Explore giant worm tunnels and soil chambers in this interactive and educational exhibit.

#4 Grainger Hall of Gems
Rare jewels and precious gold objects from all parts of the globe are on display for visitors to inspect. You won’t believe your eyes!

#5 Evolving Planet
This awe-inspiring show takes visitors through 4 billion years of the Earth’s ever-evolving forms of life. From single organisms to overwhelming dinosaur finds, this hands-on exploration of living history will appeal to visitors of all ages.

#6 McDonald’s Prep Lab
On the second floor by the Evolving Planet exhibit, there’s a fossil preparation lab. Visitors can view experts working on new scientific specimens from around the world.

#7 Rotating Exhibitions
The Field Museum features ongoing rotating exhibitions that help people think more about this wondrous planet and the cultures that share it. Past themes from popular exhibitions have included Whales, Opening the Vaults: Mummies, and Chocolate. Check the Field Museum website for news on what exciting exhibitions are coming soon.

#8 The Ancient Americas
This showcase covers 13,000 years of human history in the western hemisphere. Kids can walk through a replica of an 800-year-old pueblo dwelling to get a feel for family life before computer games and texting.

#9 Genghis Khan
Learn all about this legendary ruler and the astounding treasures he amassed in his conquest to rule the world in this special exhibit.

#10 The Best Bathrooms in the Country
Before you go, swing by MacDonald’s on the ground floor and check out the best bathrooms in the country. I’m not kidding.

No matter the age or interests of members of your family, there are always great discoveries to be made at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. If you need a rest while walking around this stunning building, you can always take in a film at the Ernst & Young 3-D Theater or stroll for souvenirs in the Gift Shop. Don’t forget to snap a picture of everyone in front of Tyrannosaurus Sue.


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