Top 10 Chicago Farmers Markets

peaches at green city market in Chicago

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Not much accents warm weather better than being outside and indulging in great, fresh, local food. Chicago farmers markets provide a relaxing, friendly atmosphere to pick up some of the best produce around and potentially hear live music while indulging in a freshly cooked meal from a vendor.

Green City Market

Green City Market has been progressively promoting small farms and food education for over ten years. It has humble origins that began with a vision and an alley next to the Chicago Theater. In 2013 the market was bringing in 8,000-10,000 visitors each Saturday and 2,000-3,000 on Wednesdays. They operate outside May-October at the south end of Lincoln Park. During the brisk months of November-April the market can be found in the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.

May through October November through April
South End of Lincoln Park at the intersection of Clark and Lincoln. Peggy Notebaert Museum
Wednesdays and Saturdays 2430 N. Clark St.
7am–1pm Saturdays, 8am–1pm

Logan Square Famers Market

Logan Square Farmers Market is a favorite among the city. Their diverse offerings of local produce, baked goods, and restaurants setting up their own booths to provide their specialties to hungry shoppers. The winter months the market is situated in the old Pierre’s Bakery, while the warm weather moves it out to Logan Square.

May through October
November through April

Logan Bl. From Milwaukee Ave. to Whipple 2755 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Sundays. 10am-3pm Sundays. 10am-3pm

logan square farmers market

calamity_hane / Flickr / Creative Commons

The Chicago French Market

The Chicago French Market is an unique staple in the Chicago Famers Markets scene. They provide the only year around, indoor market that assures you of obtaining quality, local food without having to wait for those summer months to come back around. It is comprised of nearly thirty-specialty vendors that bring the best of what they have to offer. They work together to provide a fully stocked market that also offers grab-n-go food options for those hectic days.

Monday through Friday Saturday
131 N. Clinton 131 N. Clinton
7am-7:30pm 8:30am-5:30pm

Lincoln Park Farmers Market

The Lincoln Park Farmers Market is a great place to start your weekend with your family and even your dog. Being situated in Lincoln Park offers you a full day of enjoying nature after picking up fresh produce and some ready to eat goods to hold you over until dinner. They cover all the necessities from locally grown, organic produce, to fresh baked goods that will leave you wanting more!

May Through October
Armitage & Orchard (2000 N – 700 W)
Saturdays 7am-1pm

Daley Plaza Farmers Market

The Daley Plaza Farmers Market is a decently large farmers market. The plaza contains a large fountain with the vendor tents spread out around it, which makes for a sight pleasing to the eyes while the aromas tickle your nose and tempt your taste buds. They are open from 7am-3pm, which makes this an ideal stop for lunch breaks if you find yourself in the area.

May through October
50 W. Washington
Thursdays 7am-3pm

daley plaza fountain and farmers market

Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar / Flickr / Creative Commons

Andersonville Farmers Market

The Andersonville Farmers Market gives you that much need dose of quality good in the middle of the week. With it running on Wednesdays, it is a great opportunity to stock up for the week or just replenish what you ran out of until a weekend market. While wandering around all of the vendor tents, your ears will be greeted by live music from local musicians. To make the process much easier, they accept Link, Credit and Debit Cards!

May Through October
Berwyn Ave. & Clark
Wednesday 3pm-8pm
Beginning in September 3pm-7pm

Lincoln Square Farmers Market

The Lincoln Square Farmers Market not only offers a great selection, it makes for a great community event bringing the Lincoln Square and Ravenswood community together. Aside from vendor booths, they also have a booth dedicated to non-profits and one to wellness to help promote and spread the good feeling that comes with farmers markets.

June Through October
Municipal Parking Lot @ N. Lincoln and W. Leland
Thursdays 4pm – 8pm (until 7:00 pm after Labor Day)

Wicker Park Farmers Market

Although the Wicker Park Farmers Market is a bit on the small side, they do not lack selection or quality! The friendly atmosphere makes for a good Sunday morning kick-start. The appraised chef, Rick Bayless, has been known to make his rounds through this market; that right there says something about the quality of produce they provide.

June Through October
1425 N. Damen Avenue
Sundays 8am-2pm

vegetables at a chicago farmers market

Jenny Addison / Flickr / Creative Commons

Chicago Nettelhorst French Market

The Chicago Nettelhorst French Market is organized by Bensidoun USA, which is a company dedicated to farmers markets and what they stand for. They began almost sixty-years ago in France and they have expanded their touches to Chicago. This market unites local growers, as well as offers a hint of France to divulge in flavors that you do not find at your everyday market.

April Through November
Nettelhorst School, Broadway & Melrose
Saturdays 8am-2pm

Farmers Market at the Museum of Contemporary Art

What could be better than fresh food and contemporary art? Cooking is an art in itself after all. The plaza in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art host local growers to provide their goods with the surrounding community. Their convenient location and day time hours makes this a great lunch break stop on Tuesdays or swing in for a healthy, refreshing breakfast before the office.

June Through October
220 East Chicago Avenue
Tuesdays 7am-3pm

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    Nothing is ever on the south west side of Chicago.

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      I think ford city has one on Wednesdays! Im not too sure if its too far but I believe pilsen has one, and theres another at the bridgeport art center. Check the City of Chicago website for details.

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    Looking for a market on the near north or Southside, that r kid friendly.

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    Looking to sign up for farmers markets throughout chicago. Not sure where to start or when to start. I am in the 60641 area and are looking to put organic beauty/health products out there. Please advise.

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