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10 Famous People From Chicago

Portrait of Walt Disney

Chicago has long been known to be a top producer of celebrities and famous people. There are hundreds of people that have lived in and made Chicago proud; however, many of these people were not born in Chicago. The Chicago Traveler has compiled a list of the Top 10 famous people that were born in…

Top 10 Chicago BBQ Joints

When you think about Chicago food, it?s typical for the mind to conjure images of deep-dish (and thin crust) pizzas, hotdogs, and all ranges of Italian fare?probably not barbeque. But believe it or not Chicago is knee-deep in a full out Barbeque renaissance these days: while Chicago may not be a Memphis, Austin, or Kansas…

10 Great Chicago Suburbs

When looking for a new place to live, there?s no doubt that Chicago with all of its diversity and urban splendor remains among the most sought after living spaces in the U.S. :: however as a city that is surrounded by six counties, there are many gorgeous Chicago suburbs that promise a rewarding living experience?if…